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Quartz App Version History and Changelog:

  1. Latest Version: Quartz 1.0.11 (Updated: January 17, 2019)
    • "A small update with a big bug fix this time around.
    • [Product Updates]
    • We've fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash often for some users.
    • When you're making a Pick from another app or mobile web, we now let you know if the Pick failed for various reasons.
    • You may get some in-app reminders to rate us -we're still new and need all your feedback!
    • [Community Highlights]
    • We added a new group of Pros, ranging from artist and astronaut Nicole Stott to ex-deputy governor of Illinois Bradley Tusk to Microsoft executive vice president Peggy Johnson, and more! Check them out and make sure to follow them for their insights.
    • Over the weekend, the New York Times story on the startups rejecting venture capital garnered a great discussion with many startup founders, investors and others who work in related areas chiming in.
    • Melinda Caughill, CMO at i65 Medicare Software, wrote: ""As a startup founder who doesn't fit the cookie cutter image of what an investor typically funds, I'm cheering this movement. The VC model is so broken and one-sided.""
    • Jeanna Liu, a tech banker, wrote: ""As someone who makes a living raising later-stage growth capital for startups and helping them exit, I have seen too many startups who should never have taken VC funding suffer the consequences...But VCs are not villains here. The reality is that they are just one type of capital suitable for only a small segment of business-model-specific companies. They should not be viewed as the default method for funding growth.""
    • Peter Neeves, director of expert's community at CentSai, wrote: ""I think it's somewhat of a misrepresentation that VC firms are pushing businesses to fail. They lose money when businesses fail...They're pushing businesses to grow extremely rapidly. There's a lot of risk involved. But they take that risk with an expectation that it will work.""
    • Love us? Rate us! Have a question? Write [email protected] "
  2. Old Version: Quartz 1.0.10 (Updated: January 12, 2019)
    • Thanks for being part of the the Quartz community. We've made some more improvements.
    • [Product updates]
    • You're now able to tap anywhere on a story block to take you into the comment stream of the story; previously, if you tapped the image, nothing would happen.
    • You can now scroll through and see all the Picks and Comments saved on your own or others' profile.
    • We've fixed a bug that was causing some users' app to crash upon opening up Editor's Picks.
    • We tweaked our email sign-up verification system to enable users with short unique email domains to sign up using that email.
    • [Community highlights]
    • An NBC News story about how Americans see themselves to never be able to pay off their debt brought a lot of thoughtful comments to the table. Gastao De Figueiredo of Microsoft wrote: "An overhaul of 'credit rating' and the role the big 3 (FICO, Equifax, Transunion) play in this mess is much needed." Russ Lilly, formerly a managing director at FedEx, wrote: "What a shame we have allowed credit card companies to induce individuals into digging a hole of debt one will never climb out of...they make it far too easy for people to make bad decisions."
    • It's all about the millennial burnout The Buzzfeed story incited a lot of passionate takes, including a Quartzy take about how becoming a mother helped editor Jessanne Collins prioritize and combat burnout. A great comment on the original story: "As a millennial nearing the end of my college career, I look forward to hopefully finding a job just so I can have a Monday-Friday workweek...There is never a point when I reach the end of my to-do list and I don't have something sitting on my conscious a paper to research, a night shift to work, music to practice, bills I know I can't pay no matter how many shifts I pick up...'Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.,'" noted Sara Wynn, a student at Murray State University.
    • Jessanne wrote in her piece: "When I had a baby, everything changed...one I wasn't expecting: Life got simpler. Prioritization had never been easier." In response, Jessica Nish, an educator who's also a millennial mom, wrote: "I totally relate to everything this author said, especially when the author said that they felt less free but it wasn't bad. ...IMO you don't want to just rush into having kids if you’re not in a relatively stable emotional/financial situation, but IMO you also don’t want to wait until you’ve “made it” with your career and all of your trips and everything fully “stable” to then have kids." Claudio Cammarano of Gruppo Mondadori countered: "But you need to work in a context where maternity leave doesn't affect your career. In an unpleasant way, I mean. And this is still happening."
    • We wish you a burn-out free week (and month and year). Love us? Rate us! Have a question? Drop us a note [email protected]
  3. Old Version: Quartz 1.0.9 (Updated: January 9, 2019)
  4. Old Version: Quartz 1.0.8 (Updated: January 2, 2019)
  5. Old Version: Quartz 1.0.7 (Updated: December 12, 2018)

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