Swordy Quest

Swordy Quest 5.19 for iPhone and iPad

Free Adventure Game on iOS

Published by Seligman Ventures Global Limited

Exclusive to iOS, comes the Multi-Award winning Swordy Quest game. Fully VoiceOver compatible and Winner of the Highly Acclaimed Golden Apple Accessibility Award (AppleVis).Imagine waking up ... Read More > or Install Now >

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Swordy Quest App / Specifications

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Tech Specs

  • • Price: Free
  • • In-app purchases: Yes
  • • Content rating: Rated 12+
  • • Requires: iOS 13.0 or later
  • • Device compatibility: iPhone and iPad

User Reviews

  • aggregateRating
  • • Rating average
  • 4.5 out of 5
  • • Rating users
  • 1988

Download Count

  • • Total downloads
  • 0
  • • Current version downloads
  • 0
  • • Updated: May 28, 2022
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More About Swordy Quest Game

Swordy Quest Screenshot

Exclusive to iOS, comes the Multi-Award winning Swordy Quest game. Fully VoiceOver compatible and Winner of the Highly Acclaimed Golden Apple Accessibility Award (AppleVis).

Imagine waking up with no name, food or supplies. Where are you? Lake to the East, Mountains to the South. It doesn't matter now. YOU NEED TO SURVIVE. Set in a Fantasy and Living World, your goal is clear: Save humanity. Find water and food while fending off the habitants of the world. Gather, craft, hunt & cast magic for rewards and progression. Can you unlock the secrets of the Multi-Award Winning Swordy Quest?


"Simply the best game I have ever played. Utterly absorbing, challenging and rewarding on every level. A very talented game developer. Worth every star."

"This game is fantastic, I especially love the attention paid to accessibility. I also love the attention to detail. And I love the gameplay overall."

"This is by far the best rpg in the App Store. The developer is wonderful to work with. Extremely active in the Swordy community. There hasn’t been 1 problem that he hasn’t been able to fix. Mad props to you good sir"

"Guys, you're doing an amazing job with accessibility. I'm totally blind an you giving me the joy to play. Your game is quite complex but you've managed to take it perfectly accessible! All devs should learn from you. Youre simply great!..."

"Freaking. Addicting. That is all. Been up half the night on this. Gotta go to bed! Awesome, simple, wish so many more games were like this!!!"

"I love this game super simple and fun. Totally accessible."


● Open World Environment - allowing you to explore grasslands, lakes, mountains & more
● Enemies around every corner!
● Weapon crafting - where finding the right materials is key to fending off enemies
● Survival aspects - requiring careful resource management
● Hidden items - finding them can mean the difference between life & death
● Eye-catching graphics - transport you to another world
● Intuitive navigation system
● Advanced Player customization
● Become a Wizard by unlocking
● & much, much more...


● Hints can be found at Shrines within the game


WARNING: This game may contain flashing images that could trigger seizures.

Do not play this game when it may be dangerous to do so (including, but not limited to while driving or using heavy machinery).

When using the shake device option on the Fighting Screen please shake your device lightly, so as not to drop it.


By downloading this app you are agreeing to the following:
You acknowledge that Seligman Ventures Ltd cannot and does not assume any responsibility for, and shall not be liable for, any damages or expenses you may incur as a result of any inaccuracy, incompleteness or obsolescence of any information or functionality contained in this app. You agree that Seligman Ventures Ltd will not be liable to you or to any other party for any direct or indirect damages, or for any special, exemplary, punitive, incidental, consequential or other damages (including, but not limited to, lost profits or lost time), whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, which arise out of or are in any way connected with any access to this app.

What's New in Swordy Quest 5.19

  1. RELEASE GOAL: The goal of this release was to continue improving the start process for new players and to add a brand new Healer Player Class.
  3. - Added the New Healer Player Class. Allows Players, when dealing critical hits, to use some of the energy lost by their opponents, to health themselves.
  5. - Added new battle animations for the new Healer class
  6. - Change the Tabbed theme at the bottom of the page to match the theme of the Heading sections to avoid new players missing that section entirely.
  7. - Crafting, Magic and Trading pages now have the top navigation bar expanding across the entire screen, even on larger screens.
  8. - Fixed text and alignment on the Settings page.
  9. - Fixed the Portal Screen on larger iPads so the parchment background image covers the entire screen.
  10. - Re-worked the naming of and look & feel of boats within the game.
  11. - Removed duplicate imagery in the 'What Next' section of the Actions HomePage.
  12. - Updated theme of header and footer navigation sections to make them more obvious for new players.
  14. - Added more explanation to some 'What next' items to help make player journeys clearer.
  15. - Best boat owned is now used when fishing. This can be both seen visually and communicated via VoiceOver in the fishing description section.
  16. - Continued updates to the initial tutorial for new players.
  17. - Enemies can no longer steal bows when players fall unconscious, to stop confusion when the Hunt action disappears from the Action Homepage.
  18. - Highlighted potentially confusing travel statuses when using the Map.
  19. - Important map information is now highlighted in bold font.
  20. - Made gathering speed faster across the board.
  21. - Made it clearer how to first learn Magic to unlock the Magic section of The Camp section.
  22. - Made the unconscious screen more descriptive.
  23. - Next task is now animated after closing certain spirit guides to help navigate the game.
  24. - Speeded up gathering speed when only bushes are shown on the gathering screen.
  25. BUG FIXES:
  26. - Fixed bug where Adventurer's personalized name would not always update straight away
  27. - Fixed bug where the background could animate out of view on some larger iPad screens.
  28. - Fixed bug where players could end up in the Snow Biome without having an Eternal Flame to keep them warm.

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