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Exclusive Features:- Fully functional Apple Watch app with vehicle stats complications- Opens, connects, and issues commands faster than other Tesla apps- Queued commands. You can close ... Read More > or Install Now >

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More About Remote for Tesla App

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Exclusive Features:
- Fully functional Apple Watch app with vehicle stats complications
- Opens, connects, and issues commands faster than other Tesla apps
- Queued commands. You can close the app after issuing a few commands even if your car is asleep and it'll still do them.
- Siri Shortcuts support for controlling and hearing your car stats via Siri on the watch or phone without opening the app
- Display battery/power usage even when not charging
- Doesn't use your car's batteries when the app isn't in use
- See the total miles/kWh added from the last charge session
- Display instant charging rate for fluctuating power chargers (i.e. superchargers) instead of the average charging session rate that your vehicle displays
- Estimated range is displayed (this takes the average consumption of your past 30 miles and estimates your battery range based on that past usage)
- Consolidated stats and commands into one screen for quicker access to information. View all three ranges (estimated, rated, ideal/typical) at the same time and up to the nearest 1/100th mi/km
- View the total kWh your car has compared to stated capacity
- See and copy the raw vehicle data returned by Tesla's API servers
- Check if your vehicle is corked or uncorked
- 3D Touch menu for quick commands from the Home Screen
- Use HomeLink or Summon your car when not near it and without continuous press needed (autopilot required). Activate keyless start prior to Summon to avoid needing a keyfob nearby.
- Avoid idle fees from Tesla by setting an alarm when charging reaches a certain kW or % level
- Camp Mode allows you to keep the HVAC on in the car even though there is no activity. Normally, the car will turn off HVAC after 30 minutes.
- View how many range miles are being used per hour
- Use the remotes:// URL schema with parameters to issues commands
- Max cool and Max heat buttons to quickly send multiple commands to your car to optimize cooling and heating
- No-Commands Mode lets you log in the app for your family/friends to monitor your Tesla's location without allowing them to control to your car
- Breadcrumb tracking allows you to see the path that the car has recently taken
- Trip statistics shows your current MPGe, kWh used, miles traveled, kWh per 100 miles, cost savings vs. an internal combustion engine car, cost savings over the car's lifetime, and many more fun stats.
- Save trip routes to different save slots and compare the distance, kWh used, cost, and more for each route
- Accurate odometer/range readout with decimal places
- In-app browser can detect commands from javascript so that you can create scheduled, queued or repeated commands
- Start the car with Touch/Face ID
- Ability to change passenger and driver temperature separately

Siri Shortcuts supported:
- Sentry Mode
- Set navigation address
- Seat heater
- Steering wheel heater
- Display charging stats (battery left, time left, range left, etc.)
- Summon reverse/forward/stop
- Trigger HomeLink
- Unlock/lock car
- Start/Stop HVAC
- Roof/Trunk/Frunk control
- Temperature change
- Max Cool/Heat
- Honk horn
- Flash lights
- Start and stop charging
- Open/close charge port
- Change charge limit
- Switch cars

Privacy/Security notice: This app only communicates directly to Tesla's servers when sending login credentials and commands. No identifying information is stored by our company.

Disclaimer: This software and documentation do not come from nor is endorsed by Tesla Inc. Use this app at your own risk. The author does not guarantee its proper functioning. Some features require certain vehicle options to work (e.g. HomeLink/Summon require the autopilot options enabled). This app attempts to use the same interface used by the official Tesla apps. However, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can move or change settings to your car and we are not liable for any damages to you, your car or any other object in conjunction with the use of this app.

What's New in Remote for Tesla 4.2.1

  1. Update 4.2.1 contains a bug fix thanks to Jussi on the Tesla forum thread for pointing out the differences between Rated/Typical range on non-U.S. vehicles. The first page on the Apple Watch now displays the Typical range if you choose the Energy or Typical Range display in your car. The complications also work correctly now for those using kilometers rather than miles. Version log 4.2.0: Watch Complications now displays your battery range and battery percentage left. Added the ability to change the amount of time to wait for your car to wake up before retrying the commands again if it failed. This adjusts the wait time for both the buttons in the app and the shortcuts. If you find that Siri fails too often due to the car still being asleep, extending the wait time by a few seconds could help. If you find that Siri takes too long to respond to your commands, then shortening the wait time by a few seconds could help. Keep in mind that if your car is not asleep, then usually the command would go right through without a need to wait. So don't adjust the wait time based on when the car is awake. Fixed an issue where if you never assigned a name for your Tesla, you couldn't see certain information such as charge time left or whether your car was asleep or not. Added a "Pwr" label next to the charging power display to describe what that number is.

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