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Discover a new way of reading. Faster and smarter.Blast leverages the screen of your device in the best possible way. We based our approach on the existing scientific evidence. The ... Read More > or Install Now >

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  • • In-app purchases: Yes
  • • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • • Requires: iOS 11.0 or later
  • • Device compatibility: iPhone and iPad

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Discover a new way of reading. Faster and smarter.

Blast leverages the screen of your device in the best possible way. We based our approach on the existing scientific evidence.
The technique we use is called RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation). It allows users to read generally faster from the beginning and with some training you'll be able to increase your reading speed further. The text comprehension is not compromised either: RSVP shows results comparable to traditional reading.

- Users read generally faster with RSVP, even without training
- With some training, reading speed can be greatly incremented
- Some medical conditions benefit from the RSVP approach. Those conditions include: Attencion Deficit / Hiperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA), Balint Syndrome, central scotoma, Central Field Loss (CFL) and cataract, dislexya. In general, patients with visual impairment or attention deficits may benefit from RSVP reading.

How it works.
Blast can be used to read web articles or documents of any kind. Textual material is supported best.
Import any article you want to read from the share menu in Safari, the Files app or any other app. Select Blast as the destination.
Open Blast to see the list of your pending readings. You can use it to keep track of what you want to read later or to manage you bookmarks. The power of Blast is the smart RSVP reader though. Open an article and you'll see its text in a traditional way. Press the focus button and hold it to start the RSVP presentation. You'll be able to read with much less effort, without the need of scrolling and at your own pace.

Custom reading experience.
Read at your favourite pace. Slow it down to help you focus on each word or speed it up to the limits.
Configure Blast to be relaxing to your eyes. Give it a personal look and configure any detail of how it presents text.

What are you waiting for? Download it and try it for free!


Terms Of Service for the subscription:

To unlock the app you may need to subscribe to the service. This helps us pay development costs and provide a better experience. Please consider supporting us if you like the app.

You can check if you like the app and the premium content before making any commitment by using the free trial. It's free and easy to manage from within the app. We're always here to help anyway.

Here are a few more details:
- Free trial: You can use the app for free for a trial period. After that period you can subscribe to have full access to the app. You can cancel the subscription before the free trial period expires and you won’t be charged.
- Subscription is auto-renewable. It will renew automatically 24h before expiration and it will be billed to your iTunes Account
- You can cancel from the subscription anytime from settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store > Apple Id > Subscriptions. Instructions and a link to the management page are also included inside the app (settings > support)
- When cancelling, the subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled but the current subscription period can't be refunded.

WARNING: uninstalling the app will NOT cancel the subscription! Please make sure to follow the instructions above, check the support section inside the app or follow this link:

Privacy Policy:
Terms Of Service:
Support Page:

What's New in Blast 1.2.0

  1. Hello my friends.
  2. I’m working hard on Blast and will be doing that in the upcoming month or so. This release includes the first big bunch of news.
  3. Here is the usual list:
  4. - New “focus” mode. You can enable a focus point that helps preventing eye movements while reading and results in a nice increase of speed.
  5. - Much, much better import of web articles. Blast now supports articles behind a paywall (only if you are a subscriber and import from Safari). It is faster and much more robust when things don't go as expected.
  6. - Import from the News app and many more sources.
  7. - Improved onboarding. If you're updating from a previous version, you may not see this. I've improved the onboarding process for new users. This is something many of you reported to be an issue. Thank you for letting me know.
  8. - Full online documentation. Tapping "How does it work" inside the app brings you to a documentation website I created. From there you can reach to me or access the documentation for the most common issues and workarounds.
  9. - Improved settings: you can now set your custom min and max reading speed. That makes tweaking it much easier and gives you full control.
  10. - Improved color themes: yes, the ones included in the original version were terrible. I've added just 4 themes now and they finally look great imho.
  11. - Much better support for recovering web articles errors. Whenever the app thinks there is something wrong it will guide you trough a simple recovery process.
  12. - Fixed prices for the old subscription. It was 5$ cheaper than intended and still available for purchase. If you took advantage of that I will never find out so well done. Now that is fixed and all subscription prices are consistent.
  13. That's it. Of course there was quite a lot of performance improvement and bug fixing. That should go without saying.
  14. As usual, if you like the app, write a review. It makes my day.
  15. Enjoy your reading

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